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Jelly Bean Factory

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They love what they do and they want to share it! That's why they're always inventing new ways for you to enjoy their scrumptious jelly beans. From pouches to tubes to cups to cans, there's a world of fantastic flavour mixes for all tastes and occasions!

At the Jelly Bean Factory they’ve got 36 great reasons to love Jelly Beans. Mad about their berrylicious flavours? Can’t get enough of their tropical treats. Maybe you go gaga over liquorice and cinnamon? Whatever tickles your tastebuds, they've got a bean for it.

Their Jelly Beans are so scrummy they're snaffled up in no time. Still, they have to keep them somewhere until you get your sticky mitts on them! They've got cups, tubes, boxes with windows, cans, triangle packs, canisters, jars, bean machines, all bursting with jelly goodness! Great for gifts, perfect for sharing, even better for just chomping yourself! And to top all that they are kosher, halal compliant and suitable for vegetarians.

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