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Once upon a time in chocolate country

Belfine is renowned for its beautiful decorated hollow figures, lollipops and relief figures for every special occasion.
Only premium quality Belgian chocolate made with the finest ingredients and a strict selection of Madagascar cocoa beans is used to create these delicacies.

All Belfine characters are unique since they are all designed in-house, given a personal name and protected by copyright. Their deepest wish: MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY!

Being part of magical moments is their true privilege.

June 30th: foundation of ChocDecor by Luk Patyn. ChocDecor was the first company on the world market to make hollow figures with its own tools and plastic moulds.

Today the use of exclusive moulds and the finest ingredients are still the basis of the success for the company!

The enterprise grew steadily and in 1997 ChocDecor founded an export company for international clients. The name of this company was also the brand name of the ChocDecor chocolate, namely 'Belfine'.

Belfine was one of the first companies in the world to offer decorated chocolate lollipops for all seasons.

To make quality chocolate, we need quality cocoa. Our chocolate supplier is working directly with cocoa farmers and farmer cooperatives, to enable them to improve the quality of their farms.

As a result they can produce more and better quality cocoa in a sustainable and responsible way, thereby increasing their incomes and improving their livelihoods.

This social responsibility program is based on three main pillars:

  • Quality farms: training is offered to the farmers to enable them to grow healthy, productive and robust cocoa crops.
  • Quality cocoa: all cocoa bought from participating cooperatives has to meet strict quality requirements. What's more, a premium is paid for cocoa that meets specific quality grades.
  • Quality life: by producing higher quantities of better quality cocoa, farmers can increase their incomes and ultimately improve their quality of life.

With the top quality cocoa the farmers produce, they can make the most delicious chocolate for consumers to indulge in. So everybody wins: they get better quality cocoa, the farmers get a chance of a better life and consumers are sure of unforgettable chocolate moments. This fits perfectly in their mission to MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY! As from Easter 2013 all Befline lollipops are made with sustainable grown cocoa beans.

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