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Founded in 1978, the Valentino family business has grown to become one of the top producers of homemade Belgian chocolates. Today they employ about 25 people in their chocolate workshop close to Brussels. True to the original quality and craftsmanship they specialise in the creation of fun and surprising chocolate gifts.

Looking for a beautiful heart conquering gift for friends, family or yourself? You will definitely find it at Valentino Chocolatier! For every occasion they will surprise you with the suitable (seasonal) gift. In their shops you will find a wide offering of freshly made bulk chocolates, unique delicacies and tasteful gift ideas. What do you think of a crunchy birthday gift or a smooth indulgence assortment? Whatever your budget or likings, every day deserves a indulgent Valentino-moment.

1978 was an exciting year for Valentino. During which the first chocolate varieties were developed, weighed up, tasted and approved. The team grew from two to a whole production team and founded headquarters in Brussels. The only thing still missing was the right name! As Belgian founders, Helen and Willy, they looked for a name both easy to pronounce in Dutch and French. Niet makkelijk! Pas évident! Not straightforward! At the beginning of the year, just before Valentine's Day, a peak moment in the chocolate sector, they were inspired and chose “Valentino”, Valentino stands for love, but also seduction, and a feeling for more ... chocolate of course. (not to mention Helen's crush on the famous Italian actor Rudolph Valentino!) 

In order to create some of those amazing Belgian chocolates that everyone is so crazed about, Valentino chose to work with only amazing natural ingredients. This allows them to keep their chocolate recipes stunningly simple, their continental Belgian chocolates have taste and character. Everyone seems to go back for more!  To keep everyone excited and on their toes, they chose to innovate by creating a new chocolate every month. This limited edition "chocolate of the month" goes to every Valentino shop in Belgium where it's put through the Belgian consumer tasting test (yes, the Belgian's are spoiled). Only those triggering the best reactions "Ooooh, Aaaah, Hmmmm, 10/10, want more NOW, can't stop, come again ..." make it into Valentino's all year round chocolate catalogue. What a sure fire way of guaranteeing the best Belgian quality! And remember, Valentino chocolates are made with naturally light and creamy fillings, this way you can take a second, or a third ... and maybe one more . . .

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