Importing the highest quality European confectionery and fine food for global distribution.


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History of Ickx

For many years, Ickx have been making and distributing delicious and exclusive chocolate products, which will surprise customers in every season and on every occasion. Chocolaterie Ickx develops and manufactures these refined products.

Chocolaterie Ickx was founded in the 1970s, when they started making their first exclusive hand-made pralines, alongside other chocolate products. Over time, these delicious products became such a success that, in 1982, a small studio was opened in Kapellen, Belgium, where traditional chocolate-making methods were employed. The company continued to grow and this eventually led to the construction of a completely new chocolate factory in Essen, Belgium. The organisation evolved into an innovative and modern company.


Quality is high priority at Chocolaterie Ickx. This means that they work strictly in accordance with the quality assurance system based on the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). As a result, you can count on their products being of consistently high quality and satisfying all HACCP guidelines, their internally specified quality requirements and legislation concerning foodstuffs. Chocolaterie Ickx also has British Retail Consortium (BRC) Higher Level certification.

Chocolaterie Ickx products are made using a mixture of various modern techniques and traditional hand-crafting. It goes without saying that they use only ingredients of the highest quality. It is their aim to continually surprise customers with unique and exclusive pralines, and this is what underscores their ambitions to constantly develop new ideas. Every year, adjustments and extensive investment keep them 'ahead of the pack' with their unique collections of chocolates.

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