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Cafe Tasse

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With its heritage strong in taste and the history of their great chocolate-makers, Café-Tasse gives precisely this, heritage, quality and authenticity. Its multiple variety of superior and constant quality, imposes the brand within the chocolate world.

Café-Tasse travels all around the world looking for new ingredients to produce an inimitable taste. These ingredients marry happily with the finest chocolates - to obtain the most perfect end-product - and give its flavour added zest.

All these additions - orange and almonds , ginger , pistachios  and hazelnuts  - undergo continuously developing taste research.

Café-Tasse chocolates are still made by the old methods, handicraft skills faithfully combined with the needs of a quality label.  The specification gives priority to traditional methods at the same time as supporting transparency of production.

A pioneer in its field, Café-Tasse has always been distinguished by the use of simple, up-to-date packaging. A revolution in the world of chocolate, original in its lettering and materials (wood, metal, string and, above all, natural Kraft paper) Café-Tasse packaging has undeniable charm which speaks for itself.

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