Importing the highest quality European confectionery and fine food for global distribution.


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We do everything we can to melt our customers’ hearts.

Rieglein repeatedly release new products with great wit and originality.

"Chocolate is more than just a sweet. It embodies passion, affection and is a symbol of genuine empathy among people. " (Juliette Binoche, French actress in the film "Chocolat" and Oscar winner)

At Riegelein, they do their best to inspire their customers with ever-new creations and treats from the world of chocolate. All because they cannot imagine anything nicer than creating quality products with attention to detail which brings joy to so many people. And in doing so, they seek to show themselves from their best side with their creativity and their ingenuity when it comes to developing new and original forms and figures.

"Creative chocolate" is a crucial element of their corporate philosophy, standing as it does for the widest and most varied range of seasonal chocolate confectionery products in the market.

Rieglein consistently focus on creative chocolate segments for special occasions throughout the year right from the outset. Their core skills entail manufacturing and marketing seasonal and event specialties as snacks, decorations and gifts. In doing so, they attach the greatest importance to product and process quality. This clear focus is what has made Riegelein so unique for decades.

Riegelein repeatedly release new products with great wit and originality. Inspired by the likes of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and all the others, they continually create themes ranging from new to traditional with their network of skilled designers.

And while Riegelein may frequently reflect the “Zeitgeist”, they remain very traditional in one regard: top quality based on select ingredients and the best possible workmanship. Rieglein rely on their traditional family recipes to make their fine chocolate products. The secret to their enduring success can be marvelled at on the shelves of retail stores: millions of Riegelein figures which chocolate lovers all over the world enjoy.

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