Importing the highest quality European confectionery and fine food for global distribution.


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A seductive vision

Sweets are of all times. Having a creative, well-thought vision on the sweets market is what makes the difference today. Hamlet’s strength lies in the development of new products, attractive packing and tempting concepts. Hamlet has a modern, daring vision, based upon half a century of experience and craftsmanship.

All set for the future

Hamlet has experienced a strong growth in the last few years. Its management and personnel have a dynamic and flexible attitude. Hamlet is a delicious company to provide you with chocolates, biscuits, confectionery, chewing gum, and pastry: Hamlet take pride in quality and service!

The taste of quality

Product quality is their first concern. Of course, production processes, deliveries and service, also receive utmost care. Hamlet's computer and quality systems (IFS, BRC) support them to achieve these goals.

An offer you just cannot refuse

Unique concepts, guaranteed quality, a wide range of products, punctual deliveries, competitive prices, ... all the more reasons for choosing Hamlet as your reliable partner in confectionery. Hamlet chocolates will add considerable extra value to your shelves, resulting in a positive sales effect. So that you can tell your customer: “How sweet it is, to be loved by you”.

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