Importing the highest quality European confectionery and fine food for global distribution.


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Chocolate at the Peak of its Art - CREATOR OF PLEASURE SINCE 1987

Kim's Chocolates N.V. allows you to discover the true taste of Belgian chocolate. Travel to as yet
unexplored flavours, allow yourself to be seduced by the aroma and the character of each praline, bar or tablet.
Kim’s Chocolates N.V. is a business specialising in the manufacture of fine Belgian chocolates. Its know-how is recognised throughout the world it is, therefore, no accident that more than 95% of the production is intended for the export market.

Based in Tienen, the company employs 100 people and, thanks to significant growth, achieves a turnover of nearly 30 million Euros.

Small boxes of chocolates, bars, tablets and pre-wrapped boxes, Kim’s Chocolates N.V. makes chocolates in all shapes and sizes for you to enjoy to the utmost. Unique recipes that date back to the 20th century, innovative presentation and out-of-the-ordinary flavours…you cannot avoid succumbing to the temptation!

The KC Chocolatier and Cachet brands offer you quality bars and tablets as well as a large choice of pralines.

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