Importing the highest quality European confectionery and fine food for global distribution.

G.Cova & Co

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G Cova produce fantastic, moist, fruity panettone, one taste and you will understand why G.Cova is simply one of the best.  The perfect pre-wrapped gift for the holidays, delightfully hand wrapped with vintage paper and tied with rope or ribbon. They taste as wonderful as they look, with their beautiful packaging a reflection of the time and effort they put into each of their cakes. Of course, in Italy you would never show up to someones house without some sort of holiday treat. An exquisite treat to open with the family at Christmas or as a gift for someone special.

Pasticceria G. Cova & Co was established in Milan, Italy in 1930, and has been owned and operated by Giovanni Cova and his family ever since. Known for their high quality ingredients and innovative combinations, Cova is the panettone maker for the stars, making pastries and panettone for some of the finest luxury global cruise lines and distinguished guests. They have been lovingly and expertly crafting their cakes for years and are one of the few Milanese bakers left.

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