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Choc+ Drinking Choc sm C1922 Salted Caramel 35g C1878 Stacker Tin C0673 Rocky Road 105g

CHOC+ believe that chocolate is a treat, but it doesn't need to be all bad! All Choc+ products are always 100% natural. No artificial colours, flavours or trans fats. Ever.

CHOC+ was created in 2013 by a small team based in Glasgow, UK. The team has many years’ experience in the confectionery sector, and wanted to create a range of unique chocolate products by combining chocolate with other very tasty ingredients.

The initial CHOC+ share pouches combine world class chocolate with high quality ingredients to create interesting variations on already recognisable flavour combinations.

The CHOC+ drinking chocolate range is based around premium Belgian Chocolate. Building the drinks from a base like this ensures that the hot chocolate is always rich, creamy and very very morish! The addition of real butter fudge pieces or melting marshmallows adds another dimension to this quality base. 

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