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Sally Williams

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Gourmet handcrafted confectionery manufactured to the very highest standard.

Creme d'Or now stock a wide range of Sally Williams delicious soft textured gourmet nougat.

For Sally, a renowned South African Chef, it all began in the mysterious Souks of Marrakesh.  As Sally, wound her way through the maze of narrow alleys, she found herself unable to resist the mounds of flavoured nougat on offer.

Intrigued by the taste, Sally embarked on a quest for the perfect confectionery. This was achieved by drawing on the world's finest recipes from Morocco to Tunisia and France to Italy.

Upon her return, Sally spent years mastering the art of creating exceptional nougat, finally creating what has become the Sally Williams we all know and love today.

Sally's secret recipe and passion for creating the ultimate indulgence is still followed uncompromisingly, and remains closely guarded by our highly skilled nougatiers upon whom Sally bestowed her legacy.

Our nougat is made entirely by hand in small batches to guarantee the perfect nougat experience.  Go on and experience our world. A world of decadent hand-crafted perfection. A world of luxury indulgent taste sensations. A world where you can spoil yourself and those you love every day.

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