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Charles Butler

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Charles Butler’s history dates back to 1848 when he began making his sweets in Sheffield. They were all hand made and traditional and he also had 2-3 shops in Sheffield which sold his sweets (much of the material on the website are produced using either original or based on original documents we have, we have newsletters he wrote to his customers in the 1880s and other adverts and information). In the 1920s Henry Dixon (who had been operating since 1885) bought the brand and continued to produce Charles Butler’s fine confections. When the firms of Henry Dixon and Ralph Pitchfork merged the Charles Butler brand was brought into the Dixon-Pitchfork and later Maxons company. The brand died away in the 1960s and 1970s but we resurrected it at the beginning of this year with new branding and packaging and bringing back to life some of the sweets that were made before the brand died away. We use only the finest ingredients in the product and make it with the love and care that was done at the time and with processes that date back to Charles’ own manufacturing. 

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