Confectionery | Page 119 To order call 01964 50 80 80 Novelty Chocolates N56 Building Blocks x 1kg (Approx 96pc) N57 Sheepdog x 1kg (Approx 41pc) N52 Tractor x 1kg (Approx 32pc) N33 Rainbow the Hedgehog (Approx 36pc) N55 Robot x 1kg (Approx 32pc) N58 Ninja Turtle x 1kg (Approx 32pc) N51 Cat x 1kg (Approx 30pc) N34 Pig x 1kg (Approx 37pc) N40 Sheep x 1kg (Approx 33pc) N41 Penguin x 1kg (Approx 42pc) All chocolates on this page are £18.20 per Kg N59 Butterfly x 1kg (Approx 32pc)