Free From | Page 123 To order call 01964 50 80 80 BDV40 Benefit Vitamins Dark 85% Cacao 40g x 15 £17.72 RSP £1.89 BDP40 Benefit Protein Dark 85% Cacao 40g x 15 £17.72 RSP £1.89 BDE40 Benefit Energy Dark 85% Cacao 40g x 15 £17.72 RSP £1.89 It’s not always easy to do the right thing, even those with the best intentions need a treat now and again. So here’s a helping hand from us to you – deli- cious chocolate with good intentions. By using only single origin cacao dark chocolate and enriching it with a little something extra, Benefit Chocolate will help you feel better about your indulgences. EP0521 Protein Stevia Bar Dark Blueberry 35g x 20 £19.38 RSP £1.55 EP0522 Protein Stevia Bar Dark Banana 35g x 20 £19.38 RSP £1.55 EP0523 Protein Stevia Bar Dark 35g x 20 £19.38 RSP £1.55 High in Protein and no added sugar. Made with Stevia - the all natural sweetener. With zero calories and zero carbohydrates. No Added Sugar No Added Sugar Available from May No Added Sugar benefit balance