180 EP3170 Milk Chocolate Sheep Fred (8g +/- 200pcs) 1.6Kg £31.25 RSP £0.25 EP5349 Easter Mini Chocolates with Cookie Dough Filling (Assorted 3 Designs Approx 7.8g +/- 256 pcs) 2Kg £40.00 RSP £0.25 EP3172 Sheep Cupcake with Almond Praline (28g +/- 36pcs) 1Kg £18.00 RSP £0.80 Coffee Caramel Almond Orange Crispy Chocolate Cream Vanilla Cream with Biscuit Pieces Hazelnut Praline Crispy Hazelnut Praline Coffee Ganache Hazelnut Almond Praline Dark Chocolate Mousse Tiramisu Ganache Raspberry Ganache Hazelnut Praline EP2250 Hens Yellow and Milk Assorted (19.5g +/- 112pcs) 2.2kg £49.00 RSP £0.70 EP2243 Assorted Easter Chocolate Pralines (+/- 117pcs) 2.5Kg £51.19 RSP £0.70 EASTER Ickx