orders@cremedor.co.uk www.cremedor.co.uk To order call 01964 50 80 80 Confectionery | Page 2 UK cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery sales are looking at an increase of 9.6% for 2017-2018, after 5 consecutive years of negative trend. It’s with the trend of progressive health and wellness as today healthy belongs in the same sentence with sweet, or chocolate or indulgent. PwC’s report on healthy eating shows an increase of 47% in the last year within the 18-34 age group towards more healthy eating, a 35% increase on the 35-54 age group and 23% on 55+. Growing your sales 126 122 Amazing tasting vegan chocolate bars, all taste, lactose free and gluten free. Innovative protein balls, muesli balls, nut butter bites, all with choices including no added sugar, no added preservatives, high protein, high fibre, vegan, paleo, raw, low sugar, gluten free and dairy free. Snack bars, and unique range of baking mixes using superfood ingredients to improve the nutrient value, no gluten, no sweeteners, no nuts or dairy. 123 124 Delicious chocolate made only with single origin cacao dark chocolate and enriched with vitamins to give you a natural energy boost. 2018 results Further data shows significant increase on the snacking segment of the industry as one of the fastest and most innovative, with consumers choosing to buy healthy, energy packed snacks not only post or pre workout but to sustain an active and balanced life. With that in mind, we present our chosen partners and their options for tasty but health conscious treats: Age groups