39 BSC002 Crown Jewels 220g x 6 £55.31 RSP £14.75 BPC001 Afternoon Tea, Lemon Meringue Pie Bon Bons 175g x 12 £52.43 RSP £6.99 Once upon a time there was an Irish fairy called“Be” who adored all things sweet and beautiful. Working her magic, “Be” was busy creating the most wonderful artisan treats that would bring a little piece of enchantment to people each and every day. Through her mystical powers and conjuring spells, The Be Sweet Company was born! BSC001 Champagne & Diamonds 205g x 6 £55.31 RSP £14.75 BSC003 Pearls of Delight 160g x 6 £55.31 RSP £14.75