80 CB03 Fruit Rock 190g x 6 £12.00 RSP £3.20 CB05 Fruit Drops 190g x 6 £12.00 RSP £3.20 CB01 Liquorice & Blackcurrant 190g x 6 £12.00 RSP £3.20 CB02 Chocolate Limes 190g x 6 £12.00 RSP £3.20 CB04 Mint Rock 190g x 6 £12.00 RSP £3.20 CB06 Barley Sugars 190g x 6 £12.00 RSP £3.20 “I began making my rambunctious confectionery in 1848 and have continued with steely determination to only ever make confections of the topmost quality. I still use the same recipes as when I began my profession as I believe they are still the very best! All my products defy the industrialists and their confounded mechanisations and use our skilled sugar boiler’s own hands. With over 100 years’ experience making my confections they really are top notch!” - Charles Butler