Tel: 01964 508080 Email: 107 DRY001 Squealers Hot & Spicy Pork Scratchings 90g x 18 £27.01 RSP £2.00 DIP650 Mixed Case of Dips ( Mixed Case - 2 of each: Jamonnaise 280g, Lime Tickle 290g, Mango Bhutney 330g) x 6 £17.51 RSP £3.89 It's a 'Personal Pyro Potion' which can be used as a concentrate to dilute into plain vodka If you're brave you can add a couple of drops to your drink of choice and breathe fire! All topped off with a wax stamped Chilli Jam Man hat and silver labels. 37.5% Vol Get ‘em while they're HOT.... Devilishly Fantastic Chilli Vodka! CHU621 Hot Shots Chilli Vodka 25cl x 6 £74.96 RSP £19.99 20% VAT