12 1007002 Classico Panettone in Gold Wrap 500g x 12 £80.93 RSP £8.99 1007003 Classico Panettone in Gold Wrap 750g x 9 £90.81 RSP £13.45 1007636 Chocolate Panettone 500g x 12 £98.93 RSP £10.99 FINE FOODS PANETTONE The sweet Italian bread loaf bursting with flavour from vanilla, candied citrus peel, dried fruit, butter and sugar. Italy’s celebrated answer to Christmas cake. The baking of panettone dates back to the Middle Ages, but its origin is the story of legends. The name is believed to be a shortened version of pane di Tonio (Tonio’s bread), from the story of a poor Milanese baker who invented the loaf as a dowry for his daughter after she fell in love with a nobleman. Others suggest that Tonio worked for a court chef - who, with no dessert to offer at Christmas, devised a cake with all the ingredients he had available. IN MILAN SINCE 1930 The Products on this page are Available To Pre Order For Christmas Only