Tel: 01964 508080 Email: 21 COSTA LIGURE PESTO FINE FOODS 02774 Pesto al Limone (Lemon) 135g x 12 £26.02 RSP £2.89 02783 Crema Mediterranea 135g x 12 £23.32 RSP £2.59 02779 Pesto alla Salvia (Sage) 135g x 12 £26.02 RSP £2.89 A special selection of basil, parmesan cheese (aged 18 months), extra virgin olive oil and whole pine nuts with colourful packaging inspired by the Pop Art of the 60s. Includes Pesto Paprika ,Pesto all’Arrabbiata, Pesto Lemon , Pesto with Truffles and Pesto Sage. For exciting recipes and cooking ideas visit