22 FINE FOODS ZANIER 001.212 Egg Tagliatelle 250g x 12 £17.91 RSP £1.99 008.312 Nero di Seppia Tagliatelle (Squid Ink) 250g x 16 £53.89 RSP £4.49 009.025 Lasagne Italian Colour 250g x 20 £64.37 RSP £4.29 015.059 Reginelle Multicolour 250g x 10 £52.44 RSP £6.99 S a p o r i A n t i c h i 1 9 9 6 Zanier is a traditional Italian pasta maker with a special skill for making beautiful naturally coloured products. With colours obtained from spices and vegetables: beetroot, squid ink, curcuma, paprika and spinach. A pleasure both for your eyes and your tastebuds! Pasta in all shapes, sizes and especially colours!