26 M746 Scrocchiette Sea Salt & Rosemary 200g x 8 £8.10 RSP £1.35 M845 Tocchetti Red Onion and Cheese 200g x 8 £8.10 RSP £1.35 FINE FOODS MELIORA SNACKS TOCCHETTI The charm of the old stone ovens, the tastes and the fragrances of ancient times all come back with these traditional snacks from Meliora. Made with natural, healthy ingredients! SCROCCHIETTE SFOGLIETTE FOCACCINE Mini Bread Sticks Mini crispy flatbreads. Crispy crackers Mini crunchy focaccia pieces M746P Scrocchiette Sea Salt & Rosemary 40g x 60 £15.75 RSP £0.35 M757P Scrocchiette Tomato & Paprika 40g x 60 £15.75 RSP £0.35