30 DANVITA FINE FOODS Danvita was founded in 1994 in the Eastern part of Lithuania, in a town called Zarasai. 300 lakes and large woods surround the Zarasai area, the natural environment, fresh air and amazing landscape inspired us to develop only natural products. We value natural and healthy food. We bake a range of goods without using any food additives or preservatives. High quality ingredients, extensive baking experience and innovation combine to deliver high quality products. We care about what we eat and what our customers will eat! Only the finest organic certified ingredients are used to make the organic flat crisp bread. Especially dedicated to quality and taste D192025 Wholegrain Flatbread with Sesame and Sea Salt 130g x 18 £16.20 RSP £1.20 D200188 Wholegrain Flatbread with Cheese and Garlic 130gx 18 £16.88 RSP £1.25 D200195 Wholegrain Flatbread with Cheese130g x 18 £16.88 RSP £1.25 D200969 Wheat Flatbread with Tomato and Basil 130g x 18 £16.20 RSP £1.20 D200980 Wheat Flatbread with Black Pepper and Sea Salt 130g x 18 £16.20 RSP £1.20 D200942 Wheat Flatbread with Provence Herbs 130g x 18 £16.20 RSP £1.20 D200935 Wheat Flatbread with Sweet Chilli 130g x 18 £16.20 RSP £1.20 D200065 Wholegrain Flatbread with Seeds (Poppy, Sesame and Linseed) 130g x 18 £16.20 RSP £1.20 D191080 Wholegrain Flatbread with Sesame, Cumin and Linseed 130g x 18 £16.20 RSP £1.20