Tel: 01964 508080 Email: 37 FAIRFIELDS FARM FINE FOODS Grown and hand cooked on Fairfield’s family run farm using locally sourced flavours. In 2006 Robert and Laura launched Fairfields Farm Crisps, which has grown into a brand synonymous with high quality and great tasting crisps! FF150CHO Fairfields Chorizo and Sunblushed Tomato 150g x 12 £12.68 RSP £1.69 VAT 20% FF150CHE Fairfields Farmhouse Cheese and Chive 150g x 12 £12.68 RSP £1.69 VAT 20% FF150LSA Fairfields Lightly Sea Salted 150g x 12 £12.68 RSP £1.69 VAT 20% FF150WIC Fairfields Smokey Bacon and Sunday Roast Potato 150g x 12 £12.68 RSP £1.69 VAT 20% CHEESE & CHIVE An award-winning double act of Suffolk Farmhouse Cheese and Chive produces the perfect rich and tangy combination. SMOKY BACON & SUNDAY ROAST POTATO The perfect balance of award-winning Wicks Manor Smokey Bacon teamed with Fairfields famous potatoes makes a packet which you simply cannot put down! LIGHTLY SALTED What better way to celebrate the brilliant British potato than with a light sprinkling of natural English sea salt for a truly tasty flavour? Winner of a 2016 Great Taste Award, some say it is the perfect British crunch. CHORIZO & TOMATO A true crisp connoisseur’s favourite. The sophisticated tones of warm Chorizo from the Suffolk Salami Company perfectly balance the hint of tomato creating a very grown up and unique crisp.