Tel: 01964 508080 Email: 41 APPLE COUNTY CIDER FINE FOODS Rasp330 Cider with Raspberry 330ml x 12 £29.25 RSP £3.90 VAT 20% Rhub330 Cider with Rhubarb 330ml x 12 £29.25 RSP £3.90 VAT 20% Gift3 Cider Presentation Box (3 x 500ml) 1500ml x 6 £9.37 RSP £14.99 VAT 20% Great cider is a timeless joy Apple County Cider makes real cider and perry from 100% freshly pressed juice. Each cider is made from a single variety of bitter-sweet apples all grown in local orchards. They approach cider-making with all the skills and reverence of a traditional winemaker, allowing the distinctive flavours of each variety to develop through a slow, cool fermentation.