44 UQBUT Butterscotch Syrup for Coffee 250ml x 8 UQGIN Gingerbread Syrup for Coffee 250ml x 8 UQPUM Pumpkin Pie Syrup for Coffee 250ml x 8 Part of the reason we love coffee so much is that it’s capable of such a diversity of flavour. Each new batch we open is different from the last, as a myriad of different factors can influence the taste and texture of the final drink. Altitude, temperature and rainfall all have their say as the fruit is growing, while different processing, drying and roasting methods have theirs after it’s been picked. And of course, once you’ve got it into your kitchen, you too can customise the drink to your liking by grinding the beans and brewing the coffee to suit your personal taste. UQSAL Salted Caramel Syrup for Coffee 250ml x 8