Tel: 01964 508080 Email: 45 QUARTERPAST COFFEE SYRUPS FINE FOODS UQHAZ Hazelnut Syrup for Coffee 250ml x 8 £21.01 RSP £3.50 UQCGIFT Gift Pack of 3 Coffee Syrups ( Caramel, Vanilla & Hazelnut) 750ml x5 £40.32 RSP £10.75 Next time, add a dash of Hazelnut to your caffeine kick. A favourite in Europe, hazelnut nuzzles up to the flavour notes of coffee like a familiar lover. Sweet, rich and nutty – it’s like liquid biscotti. You’ll love it! Don’t just make a coffee – transform it with Vanilla. That sweet, familiar taste you’ve known since childhood really mellows out the coffee. Classic, subtle and refined – it’s heaven in a cup. UQCAR Caramel Syrup for Coffee 250ml x 8 £21.01 RSP £3.50 Who doesn’t love caramel? On its own, it’s wickedly tempting. In coffee, it’s irresistible. That deep, rich sweetness really perks things up. Next time you fancy a little something in your coffee, reach for Caramel. Gift Pack Available To Pre Order For Christmas Only UQVAN Vanilla Syrup for Coffee 250ml x 8 £21.01 RSP £3.50