46 U035008 Organic Green Sencha - 15ct Pyramid Tin 30g x 6 U031734 Organic Fairtrade Green Tea Pomegranate - 15ct Pyramid Tin 30g x 6 U030027 Organic Lemongrass Ginger and Citrus Fruits - 15ct Pyramid Tin 30g x 6 U040675 Organic Apple Rosehip Raspberry Ripple - Super Tea - 15ct Pyramid Tin 30g x 6 U030065 Organic Superberries - 15ct Pyramid Tin 30g x 6 U040682 Organic White Tea Blueberry and Elderflower - Super Tea - 15ct Pyramid Tin 30g x 6 ENGLISH TEA SHOP FINE FOODS We love good tea Refreshing, invigorating, robust or soothing, our love for tea infuses everything we do: from blending at our own factory in Sri Lanka, all the way to your freshly brewed cup. But tea is much more than that. We care about everyone in our supply chain. From pickers, to packers, to blenders, to drinkers. Small farming, Organic, Fairtrade and Sustainable are words close to our heart. Luxurious silken pyramid infusers are packed in re-usable metal caddies, with an extra inner lid to preserve freshness.15 pyramid tea bags per tin.Our premium leafy teas and infusions are packed in silken pyramid infusers, the most luxurious way in which tea could be offered. Silken Pyramid Infuser Tins