Tel: 01964 508080 Email: 65 BAK0801 Bakedin Belgian Chocolate Mug Brownie Mix (3 Sachets) 165g x 8 £20.71 RSP £3.45 BAK0805 Bakedin Gooey Chocolate Chip Mug Cookie Mix (3 Sachets) 180g x 8 £20.71 RSP £3.45 BAK0806 Bakedin Sticky Toffee Mug Cake Mix (3 Sachets) 150g x 8 £20.71 RSP £3.45 FINE FOODS BAKED IN Mug Mixers Make mouth-watering cakes in the microwave and go from zero to baking hero in minutes! Supplied with 3 perfect size sachets to satisfy those cravings. Just take your favourite mug, a dab of butter, a splash of milk and pop in the microwave for a minute. Hey presto, a freshly baked treat!