68 BAK0109 Candy Crush Rainbow Cake Baking Kit 1.05kg x 6 FINE FOODS BAKED IN BAK0207 Bakedin Christmas Pudding Mug Baking Mix (3 Sachets) 240g x 8 BAK0113 Bakedin Gingerbread House Baking Kit 780g x 8 BAK0807 Candy Crush Brownie Mug Mix (3 Sachets) 220g x 8 Candy Crush Christmas 2017 Available To Pre Order For Christmas Only Available To Pre Order For Christmas Only Create a beautifully moist and succulent rainbow cake to wow all your friends. Create the perfect Christmas pudding in under 2 minutes...just add milk and butter. Or for those with a little more time... bake and construct your own gingerbread house. Includes everything your need to adorn your biscuit creation with snow icing and sweet treats. Available to pre-order only. See page 2 for details.