Tel: 01964 508080 Email: 69 FINE FOODS BAKEDIN BAK0112 BakedIn Chocolate Layer Cake 1Kg x 6 £65.22 RSP £14.49 100035 Organic Baking Drops 150g x 10 £28.13 RSP £3.75 Now everyone can bake their own delicious, dairy free treats using Moo Free's quality organic baking drops. Each bag is filled with 150g of our dairy free, gluten free, soya free and vegan chocolate drops which are perfect for adding to cookie recipes, chocolate muffins, cup cakes or baking chocolate cakes or other chocolate recipes . BAKING DROPS You’ve seen them on Instagram and Pinterest, now you can bake your own from scratch (nearly) with less mess and less fuss. Everything you need to bake a delicious chocolate layer cake – just add eggs, butter and milk. DAIRY FREE - GLUTEN FREE- SOYA FREE - VEGAN ™ moo free DAIRY FREE - GLUTEN FREE- SOYA FREE - VEGAN