8 ENGLISH TEA SHOP FINE FOODS U052043 Traveller Pack for Men - 8 Sachets Tea Bags (Strong Breakfast, Green Tea Honey Mint, Chocolate Rooibos & Vanilla) 15g x 24 £23.23 RSP £1.29 U052036 Traveller Pack for Women - 8 Sachets Tea Bags (English Breakfast,Detox, Calming) 13.5g x 24 £23.23 RSP £1.29 U052302 Round Gift Pack 24 Pyramid Tea Bags (Single Origin Black Tea, Revive Me, Green Tea Pomegranate,White Tea Blueberry & Elderflower, Detox Me, Earl Grey, Super Berries, Darjelling Black Tea) 48g x 6 £35.78 RSP £7.95 U052296 Round Gift Pack 12 Pyramid Tea Bags (Single Origin Black Tea, Green Tea Pomegranate, White Tea Blue- berry & Elderflower, Earl Grey) 24g x 6 £22.46 RSP £4.99 We love good tea. Tea Gift Sets The Products On This Page Are Available To Pre Order For Christmas Only