92 FINE FOODS DIABLO 07003AA Muesli Bar – Lime 30g x 28 £13.83 RSP £0.79 VAT 20% 07002AA Muesli Bar – Apricot 30g x 28 £13.83 RSP £0.79 VAT 20% 07001AA Muesli Bar – Cranberry & Raspberry 30g x 28 £13.83 RSP £0.79 VAT 20% 07004AA Muesli Bar – Hazelnut 30g x 28 £13.83 RSP £0.79 VAT 20% All Of The Taste Without The Sugar FRUITY MUESLI BARS The UK’s first ever low-sugar confec- tionery range. We don’t think you should feel guilty about getting the munchies – everyone should be able to treat themselves every now and again, don’t you think? Our muesli bars have all the taste, but none of the nasty added sugars. Packed with all natural flavours. Low in sugar, rich in vitamins: Folic Acid, Vitamin D and Iron. Treat yourself to a humble little snack or eat on the go as breakfast!!