94 FINE FOODS DIABLO 02001AA Chocolate Chip Cake 200g x 8 £21.55 RSP £3.59 02002AA Chocolate Flavour Cake 200g x 8 £21.55 RSP £3.59 04002AA Milk Chocolate Coated Flow-Wrapped 100g x 12 £16.88 RSP £2.25 VAT 20% 06002AA Duo Chocolate Spread 350g x 6 £15.26 RSP £3.39 Yummy Chocolate Spread The newest addition to our little family of no added sugar confectionery is the mighty hazelnut and white chocolate spread!! Great with toast or even a sneaky spoonful, our chocolate spread has all the taste with no added sugar! CAKES Deliciously light and extremely tasty SUGAR FREE Cakes, special for any time of the day for sharing or not! WAFERS Cream filled milk chocolate wafers, 100% guilt free!