IN MILAN SINCE 1930 FINE FOODS GOOD GOOD SWEETENER GG104 Sweet Drops of Stevia - Vanilla 40g x 6 £20.21 RSP £4.49 GG106 Sweet Drops of Stevia - Chocolate 40g x 6 £20.21 RSP £4.49 GG107 Sweet Drops of Stevia - Cinnamon 40g x 6 £20.21 RSP £4.49 100%-480% Sweeter Than Sugar! Sugar Substitute With Zero Calories! Sweet Like Sugar Replaces Regular Sugar In The Kitchen Cupboard. It’s Ideal For Baking, Decorating and Adding A Sweet Touch To Every Meal! These Sweet Drops offer you delightful natural flavours with the sweetness you desire. Good for hot and cold beverages, yoghurt, smoothies, baking and anything you can stir! A few drops can sweeten a cup of tea or coffee.