Tel: 01964 508080 Email: 97 Quitting Sugar Has Never Been Easier! One Tsp of Sweet Like Sugar = One Tsp of Regular Sugar - Except ZERO Calories and Zero Carbohydrates! Safe For Diabetics! Sweet Like Sugar Sweetener Does NOT Affect Blood Sugar. It Is Made From The Stevia Plant Stevia Rebaudia And The Sweet Taste Is NOT Due To Carbohydrate-based Molecules, But To Several Non-Caloric Molecules Called Glycosides Which Are 100% Safe For Individuals Who Can Not Tolerate Sugar Helps To Prevent Tooth Decay And Gum Disease! The Stevia Plant Has Been Used For Centuries By The Guarani Indians of Paraguay. It Is Commonly Known In South America As “yerba dulce” Meaning Sweet Herb. GOOD GOOD SWEETENER FINE FOODS GG102 Sweet Like Sugar Bag 450g x 8 £32.95 RSP £5.49 GG103 Sweet Drops of Stevia 40g x 6 £20.21 RSP £4.49 GG105 Sweet Drops of Stevia - Caramel 40g x 6 £20.21 RSP £4.49