98 PH935 Picklecoombe English Blossom Honey Soft Set 42g x 12 £8.55 RSP £0.95 PH933 Picklecoombe Lavendar Honey 42g x 12 £8.55 RSP £0.95 PH934 Picklecoombe Spanish Forest Honey 42g x 12 £8.55 RSP £0.95 FINE FOODS PICKLECOOMBE HOUSE HONEY Orange Blossom Honey A nice sweet light honey. With a smooth, fresh flavour with treacly undertones. Lovely with yoghurt, smoothies and pancakes or in cooking and baking. A great all round honey. Spanish Forest Honey A dark thick honey with a mature, slightly nutty taste. This appetizing liquid honey lends itself well to marinades for veg- etables and meats as well as a richer taste to hot drinks and porridge. Thyme Honey Nice and sweet with a gentle taste ideal for cereals, toast, etc referred to as a pudding honey as its sweet delicate taste can be used in baking or drizzled over pancakes or fruit. Thyme honey has also shown to be high in antioxidant activity. Lavendar Honey A rare gourmet honey from Spain, collected from beehives spread along the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The sweet floral flavour also meshes beautifully with fresh fruits, yoghurts and smoothies. Actual Size 5cm Actual Size 5cm Actual Size 5cm