Tel: 01964 508080 Email: 99 PH942 Picklecoombe English Blossom Honey Soft Set 340g x 6 PH921 Picklecoombe Lavendar Honey 340g x 6 PH962 Acacia Honey & Comb 340g x 6 PH959 Acacia Comb 170g x 6 £26.96 RSP £5.99 PH924 Picklecoombe Spanish Forest Honey 340g x 6 PH923 Picklecoombe Thyme Honey 340g x 6 PH925 Picklecoombe Orange Blossom Honey 340g x 6 Picklecoombe House is a working apiary based in Leicestershire and specialises in honey and honey products from all over the world. Luscious Natural Honey