Importing the highest quality European confectionery and fine food for global distribution.

Chocolate Novelties

10450 cars

Chocolate Novelties

Chocolate cars, motorbikes, swiss army knives and mobile phones to hollow santas, bunnies and sheep we have ranges to suit any occasion.


Chocolate Animals

Owls, hedgehogs, cows and mice....all handmade in the UK to original Swiss recipes.


Chocolate Cars

Vintage Cars and trucks made from the finest quality chocolate.

10454 Baur Choc foil Motorbikes 08

Chocolate Motorbikes

The perfect gift for the biker!

098 Fish and Chips

Chocolate Fish and Chips

What more can you say?...I wonder which is the healthiest option?



Our chocolate cupcakes are both pretty in appearance and heavenly in taste. In a range of flavours from Lemon Cheescake to a Crunchy Hazelnut Cream, these irresistible chocolates are a must have luxury.



CPM 1 Bar.jpg

Chocolate Picture Maker

Design and create your very own personalised chocolate bar from milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate!

Click here for more information about the brand.

MSX038 ChocMatches Milk

Chocolate Matches

Mr Stanley's milk chocolate and salted caramel matches. 150g


Chocolate Puppets

The Belfine Finger pup'pets(TM) are 3 nicely decorated Belgian chocolate circus figures on colourful rings.
All Finger pup'pets(TM) are individually flowpacked and mixed in an attractive display.
A great idea for children's party!

9620 (2)

Chocolate Pencils

Tiny chocolate sticks held together in a giant 'real' working pencil.  Can also be used to hold real pencils.

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