Import and distribute the highest quality chocolate and confectionery from all over Europe into the UK

Terms and Conditions

1) Prices, products and it's packaging may be subject to change without prior notice.
2) VAT is payable on all products unless stated otherwise.
3) Orders over £150.00 net of VAT will be sent free of carriage charges. Orders below £150.00 net of VAT will be subject to a carriage charge of £10.00.
4) Claims for damage or shortage must be reported to Creme d’Or Ltd within 7 working days of delivery.
5) No goods may be returned without prior agreement from Creme d’Or Ltd.
6) Orders may not be cancelled without prior agreement from Creme d’Or Ltd. If you do cancel an order (with agreement from Creme d'Or) you will be liable for any additional costs (ie. transport, origination, warehousing etc.)
7) Where credit is given, payment strictly 28 days net.
8) Creme d’Or Ltd does not operate a sale or return policy.
9) For new accounts the first delivery will be on a pro-forma basis.
10) Title of Goods: All goods remain the property of Creme d’Or Ltd until paid for in full by the purchaser. The purchaser shall keep the goods in such a manner as to be identifiable as the property of Creme d’Or Ltd. The purchaser may sell those goods in the normal course of their business. They shall hold and pursue all claims for the proceeds of the sale equal to the value of the goods for and on behalf of Creme d’Or Ltd. In the event of non-payment by the purchaser by the due date, Creme d’Or Ltd shall be entitled to enter any premises where the goods are stored and recover them.

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