Importing the highest quality European confectionery and fine food for global distribution.

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We stock a wide range of mints. Perfect pocket size packs of sugar-free mints or travel sweets.


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After Dinner Mints

A classic selection of crisp wafers, cremes and neapolitans

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Old Fashioned Mint Humbugs

Jesmona bring us a range of old fashioned sweets such as mint humbugs, black bullets, sarsaparillas and the old tuck shop favourite, pear drops.

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Sugar Free Mints

Simpkins sugar free candy M\1NTS

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Travel Mints

Simpkins traditional travel sweets.

FD74 Senior Mints

Novelty Mints

Sugar free mints in fun tins to make you and your friends smile.  Mints for man flu, the hangover, for the old fart and even for the boss.

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